TV & Movie Studio Clients

Studio West Film Studios has a long history of working with Film Studios both domestic & internationally see our vast CV of Movie & TV Productions below

2010-11SabanPower RangersSeries
2009-10 Disney Channel Avalon High TV Movie
2009-10 Warner Bros Yogi Bear Feature
2009-10 Screentime Ice Mini Series
2009 Greenstone Keith Parks Documentary
2008-09 Disney Channel Power Rangers Series
2008-09 Disney Channel Skyrunners Movie
2008 Liberty Films Under The Mountain Feature
2007-08 Disney ChannelJohnny Kapahala TV Movie
2007-08 Ascension FilmsThe Vintner's LuckFeature
2007-08 Filmworks Ltd Strength of Water Feature
2006-07 Disney Channel Power RangersSeries
2006 Touchdown Eyeworks The Tattooist Movie
2005-06 Rubicon films Wendy Wu Movie
2005-06 Disney ChannelPower RangersSeries
2004-05 Disney ChannelPower RangersSeries
2004 Numero films No 2 TV Movie
2003-04 Disney ChannelPower RangersSeries
2003 Landtry Ltd Seriel Killers Series
2003 Carlton America Maiden Voyage Movie
2003 The Disney Channel Eddies Million $ Cookoff Movie
2002-03 Disney Channel Power RangersSeries
2002 The Disney Channel You Wish Pilot
2001 Alliance Atlantic River World TV Movie
2001 Lions gate Films Superfire Mini Series
2001 Universal Pictures Xena Warrior Princess Series
2001 Daybreak Pictures Ozzie Feature
2000 Touchdown Pictures The Weakest Link Series
1999 Universal Pictures Young Hercules Series
1999 Spelling TV Forbidden Island Pilot
1999 South Pacific Pictures Jubilee Feature
1998 CommunicadoGreenstone Series
1997 Paramount Pictures A Soldiers SweetheartFeature
1997 Frame-Up films Memory & DesireFeature
1997 Te Hata Productions Moko ToaSeries